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The Park Grove Experts – Education is the first pillar of our business.

August 14, 2019

The key to our success – Making education the key pillar of our business.

This website dedicated to the Park Grove Residences is an information platform by the David Siddons Group. An independent group of top-producing realtors with nearly $100M in yearly sales. David Siddons is known for his excellent market analysis and he is the author of several of Miami’s most influential real estate reports and forecasts (Eg our latest 2019 Miami Real Estate Forecasts). As an independent realtor, David’s goal is to help you make better decisions in real estate by providing you with unbiased data analytics (distinguishing neighborhoods, condos and price levels) and actionable advice for sellers and buyers. In his many reports, blogs and videos, David combines key data with social narrative from his on-the-field-experience as a top producing realtor.

What is the Driver Behind your Success?

I truly believe that education is the pillar of my career and the main reason why clients choose to work with us. Education on the market and providing clients with the most useful information is what instills trust in a professional and what drives my business. The meaning of education is twofold; educating myself and educating our clients. We are well researched and my mission has always been to add legitimate value in each and every one of our relationships. I want to help my clients to make better decisions by providing the best information.

The Park Grove Experts – Education is the first pillar of our business.

“If you can’t read the scoreboard, You don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.”

-Warren Buffett

When did you realize this was important?

When I started as a realtor in 2008, I realized it was almost impossible to find good actionable information on the Miami real estate market. Reports offered really basic, one-dimensional information, which was very generic information without distinguishing between neighborhoods or price levels. These kind of reports are hard to use when guiding specific clients, as they don’t tell you anything. I decided the industry needed a new real estate platform to provide potential sellers and buyers with excellent and independent information. I started writing blogs on the Miami real estate market and on the different neighborhoods, a relatively unknown concept at that moment in time.

Our start was simple and we have later evolved into writing more in-depth, analytics blogs. We then decided to go bigger and we ventured out in real estate reports and forecasts. Our reports focus on niche markets as we look at specific neighborhoods and specific price ranges. After I started writing my blogs and published my first real estate report my website started to rank higher for Miami real estate terms and I got several phone calls per week from potential investors.

Now, almost a decade later we are known for our market analytics, insightful blogs and actionable real estate reports and forecasts.Stay tuned for our new website; a trusted news site where you can find the most important information on Miami Real Estate. A place where you find the answers to the most pressing questions: “What is the best neighborhood?”, “What are the best buildings?”, What are the best schools?” and “What is going to happen this year and next year in the Miami real estate market?”.  With our brand new, analytical tools we will really bring our site and the entire Miami real estate industry to the next level.

What do you do to educate yourself?

We have written over 1000’s of articles and I learn from writing these articles and reports. We live and breathe real estate and as we experience the market on a daily basis we see trends and come up with theories. After I establish a theory, I look at the numbers to proof or refute the theory. I prove myself wrong as much as I prove myself right when writing these articles. Education is the pillar to the business and if no one ever read a single article I wrote, it would not matter because it taught me something in the process. Our focus is to educate the market on the best and the worst. And we always welcome ideas for new articles and ask our readers to tell us what info they need that they don’t have access to right now.

Of course being active in the market and dealing with sellers and buyers on a daily basis makes you really understand the market  and I have learned to combine human psychology with analytics.

How Do Your Readers and Clients Experience your Site and Reports?

In 10 years in we have covered: The best condos, the best neighborhoods, the best communities, the best schools districts, the state of the market, economic analysis, new home analysis, building a new home in Miami, old home analysis, neighborhood vs neighborhood, dangers in the market, emerging markets/neighborhoods, danger zones, zoning changes, changing psychology, global demographic observations and impacts on Miami, lessons learned, Miami real estate forecasts and so much more.

Everything we provide our readers and clients with can be justified and explained, there is no blind faith. Our site provides the news and market information that nobody else delivers and is seen as extremely trustworthy.  We often hear the feedback that we know this market better than anyone else; so in depth and beyond any level seen before. We also hear very often that we really provide actionable advice, specific to the needs and wants of buyers and sellers in a specific area and with a specific price range.

Our analytical reports gain a lot of market traction among agents, buyers and sellers. Industry peers often visit our website to look for information and many of our market reports and forecasts have been published by the Real Deal and Curbed. We get calls from all over the world from people that feel confident to invest with us, because the site and our videos gives them so much information. You can say we dominate the market when it comes to market analytics and that is valued by our clients.

Contact the David Siddons Group today for more information about the Park Grove Residences, the Coconut Grove condo market in general or the Miami real estate market.

David Siddons | David@siddonsgroup.com | +1.305.508.0899

David Siddons a executive director of luxury sales with Douglas Elliman with nearly $100M in yearly sales, rapidly approaching $1Billion of closed real estate transactions. He is one of the top producers at the Park Grove project, while remaining an independent agent.

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