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What Are the Best Coconut Grove Condos For Sale in 2019?

May 1, 2019

The Best Condos for Sale in Coconut Grove – The 2019 Update

Coconut Grove is close to my heart as I’ve been a Grovite for 10 years and know this area inside out. The best Coconut Grove condo for sale is rather subjective and you cannot say one condo is better than all others. Whatever is best depends on your personal preferences and the specific line in a building. As I always say, it is the line-by-line and unit-by-unit analysis that matters and of course it is price dependent. Coconut Grove does not have a lot of condos, as it is pre-dominantly a single-family home market. The market is not very investment-based an most of its residents are primary residents who live in the area all year round. This type of market is far more resilient to economic change and therefore safer to buy into then a market such a Brickell for example.

The Best Coconut Grove Condos For Sale in 2019

Grovenor House

This Ugo Colombo luxury condo was built in 2016 and still holds very well. The building provides for some excellent views and great amenities such as a dog park, a tennis court and a children’s playground. There are 2 bedroom units available (05, 06, 07 and 08 lines) around 1,600 – 1,750 SF, and 3 bedrooms (Lines 02, 03 and 04) starting from 2,400 SF. The 01 and the 02 line, located on both flanks, are the big players with 4 or even 5 bedrooms and ranging from 2,400 SF up till 7,000 SF. These are the units that compete with ultra-luxury new comers such as Grove at Grand Bay and Park Grove (discussed below). Expect to pay around $1,000 per SF for units in this building.

Grove at Grand Bay

A newer Coconut Grove condo and arguably the Grove’s first true ultra-luxury project. This project by the famous Bjarke Ingels Group Architects offers 2 towers fondly referred to as the “Twisted sisters”. Between the two towers, the south tower is preferred. The north tower is located more towards the back and looks into the south tower. The best lines are the are 01 and 02 lines (the 02-line has my preference). The 02 line provides for southeast views, which will allow you to look over Cocoplum, Tahiti Beach and other parts of the Gables (This condo is slightly elevated).  Units here range from 2 bedrooms up to large 4 bedroom units of 4,000-5,000 SF.  Grove at Grand Bay has an industrial feel with concrete polished floor and pillars in the unit. This latter aspect isn’t much of an issue in the large units, but for the small units this might lead to very noticeable loss of space. In the last year units sold from $600 per SF up to $1,500 per SF. The dollar per SF is on the softer side compared to its biggest competitor; Park Grove.

Park Grove

The big player in the Grove, and also featured in our blog ” The Best Miami Condos for Sale in 2019“. Tower 2 and 3 have just been released for occupancy, while tower 1 is still in pre-sales and under construction. For Tower 2 the B and C floor plans offer unobstructed views. The D-line is somewhat obstructed by the Ritz Carlton in the north, while the A-line slightly looks into tower 1. Tower 1, the most luxurious of all towers, is unobstructed. At Park Grove Tower 1 you can expect to pay little over $1,000 per SF. A 2 bedroom will cost you around $2,5M while a 3 bedroom (Plus Den) trades in the $3M+ range.

The More Affordable, Boutique Style Condos in Coconut Grove


Glasshaus is a pre-construction boutique condo on 3156 SW 27th Ave. For those who want a new and well done Coconut Grove condo, but cannot afford to exceed the $2M range, this is perfect. The Garden B floor plan offers a 3 bedroom unit of 1,927 SF with a large, 1,026 SF exterior.

Arbor Coconut Grove

A boutique condo I am very impressed with and I have sold several units here. The project is still in pre-sales and will be delivered in early 2019 (expected date). Again if you are looking for a small-scale project in the more affordable range, Arbor will be perfect. It is centrally located just behind Cocowalk in a quiet area surrounded by townhomes. In my opinion Arbor is a bit more sophisticated than Glasshaus and offers excellent finishes. The C line is our preferred unit as it offers 3 bedrooms and a den, 2,000+ SF and 20 ft ceilings.

Please give us a call for more information about the top condos in Coconut Grove or Miami. As market analysts we know all the details of what is going on in the market and we back our opinions up with numbers.

Contact me today via phone/whatsapp: +1.305.508.0899 or Mail: David@siddonsgroup.com

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