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Just Sold by the David Siddons Group | Unit 10 C at Park Grove Tower 2

December 2, 2019

The Park Grove Expert team just sold this spectacular 3 bedroom unit at Park Grove Tower 2. This unit was recently repriced and offered at an exceptional price for a quick sale.
Unit 10C sold for $2,025,000, which is the highest achieved sales price per SF ($1,036 per SF) so far in tower 2. Park Grove tower 2 only saw two resales and there are currently 16 units for sale

 3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 2,232 SF
Asking Price: $2,100,000
Sales Price: $2,025,000

Listing with us!

Are you an owner at Park Grove and do you want to sell your unit? Then please give us a call today at +1.305.508.0899. ParkGroveExpert.com is a website from the David Siddons Group, a top producing team of realtors in Miami with an excellent track record, who are known for out-of-the-box marketing.

Our fundamental goal is to expose your property to the right audience with the right message. Our online presence is not just a case of being online. It is about targeting a specific audience such as investors, tax refugees or relocating families with geo-specific campaigns and the right message. We know how to target buyers and how to keep them interested as we offer very specific and targeted videos and blogs.


We have a 10-year-old database, which is growing organically every day. Our database grows much faster than your average database, because of our digital marketing strategies and many online articles that attract lots of new subscribers looking specifically for homes in Miami. The current count is at 18,000 regular monthly followers and recipients of our eBlasts. We attract many buyers in Miami’s main residential areas for single family homes (Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, South Miami, Miami Beach and Key Biscayne) by means of our weekly open houses. These open houses offer excellent opportunities to engage with potential buyers who are looking for homes in the area. These visitors will receive not only a market overview from us but are regularly shown our listings.


Because of our high-ranking website our digital footprint is enormous. We offer the greatest amount and most relevant real estate related content of all Miami agents (you can easily verify this online). We have written over 1,000 blogs and created numerous videos (Blogging is the latest trend in online communication and our Youtube channel is growing rapidly as we now have a full time in-house videographer). This unique and rich information has earned us a dominant number 1 spot for almost all Miami real estate related key words in the world’s most used search engines. With our real estate reports, real estate forecasts and relocation guides we capture buyers from all over the globe who trust our opinion and who reach out to us for advice and guidance.

Miami is a global city and buyers can often come from out of town so you don’t want to limit yourself to an agent whose reach is only hyper local; relocating is a big element and foreign buyers are a big factor. This is why we created the relocation campaigns, the annual reports and more recently the ‘City Vs City’ videos, which add engaging storytelling of one property in one city versus another property in another city, all of which is geo specifically targeted and/or targeted to a specific bucket of clients. 98% of searches start online so if you don’t have a strong digital footprint you are already behind. It’s not as simple as just getting someone to see your material, your listings etc. You have to get them to engage, and ultimately this is where we excel.

Underpinning the strong digital footprint is the digital expertise when it comes to specific marketing campaigns. Our Funnel Campaigns, Retargeting, effective ranking on Google for long tail key phrases and geo specific adverts (to name a few) are leading large amounts of potential buyers to the site. We know where to find the right buyers and how to best reach out to them. We excel in the online marketing business, which is the marketing of today’s global world.


We have 10+ years of experience in the Miami real estate business and we are top producers with nearly $100M in annual sales. We have studied the market for ten years and understand the pro’s and the cons of each moment within the real estate lifecycle.

Among clients, readers and industry peers we are known as market analysts and our real estate blogs, videos, reports and forecasts have provided us with a prominent name in the Miami real estate industry. As market analysts we not only understand the numbers, but we understand the human behavior behind the numbers. Take a look at our reports and you will see it’s not just numbers; it’s a dialogue that explains the human behavior and macro-economic factors behind the data. That means that when we sell a home, we can convince buyers why your property is best in market. We understand the market and because of our social and demographic studies we know who your buyers are; whether they are ‘tax refugees’ from the northeast or overseas buyers. We listen very carefully to the needs and wants of consumers and this translates into a successful business.

David Siddons | David@Siddonsgroup.com | +1.305.508.0899

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