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Grove at Grand Bay Vs Park Grove | Which Coconut Grove Condo is best?

November 18, 2016

The 2 best Condos in Coconut Grove go head to head!

Grove at Grand Bay Vs Park Grove

These 2 titan’s of real estate dominate the Coconut Grove luxury condo market. The 2 projects are now being frequently compared to each other and being located within 800 meters of each other, both facing the Bay and both with 12 ft ceilings and high grade finishes it is no surprise that even the most discerning buyer is getting confused and indecisive when deciding which project to buy into!

I wrote this blog to highlight both projects and help you figure out which one is right for you!

Grove at Grand Bay

The Architects

Born from the same school of achitecture – Rem Koolhaas and Bjarke Ingels (Rem’s prodigy) designed these 2 projects. Bjarke’s BIG firm built Grove at Grand Bay and Rem Koolhaas designed Park Grove. What makes this such an interesting ‘Architectural comparison’ is that both architects are hugely well respected and Bjarke actually worked under Rem until he branched out on his own!

Grove at Grand Bay has the unique element of twisting itself towards the water as the building rises. In the same way a sunflower turns itself towards the sun, each unit gets maximum exposure. In order to achieve this architectural feat the units have columns within the units that line at an angle, although this can be easily worked with and is a neat feature it does take up some space.

When it comes to Park Grove the biggest difference is that all the columns are external so there is no space lost on the interior. This ultimately gives a better sense of interior space to Park Grove.

The winner: Park Grove
The teacher remains the master!

The Finish Date

Grove at Grand Bay is now finished and has opened. You can physically walk in and see the final product. For those clients who find comfort in seeing a finished product before buying, then this is for you. Park Grove has broken ground and although construction is moving at a very fast pace it is still at least 12 months away from being completed.

The winner: Grove at Grand Bay
For those who don’t want to wait

The Finishes

I have been around a lot of construction, and although Grove at Grand Bay has excellent finishes compared to every other condo in Coconut Grove I prefer and believe that Park Grove finishes are superior. From the cabinetry in the kitchens to the marble and stone used in the bathrooms and kitchen I honestly prefer Park Grove. You can call me anytime and I can meet you at the Park Grove Sales center and show you in person as well as take you inside the Grove at Grand Bay resale units.

The winner: Park Grove.
Both are excellently finished but the edge goes to Park Grove

The Prices

Grove at Grand Bay is completely sold out and offers resale units while Park Grove is still under pre-construction. As nothing has sold in Grove at Grand Bay we will be comparing listing prices in both condos.

  • The average listing price of Grove at Grand Bay is $4,45M or  $1,210 per SF
    • Ranging from $1,375M to  $8,2M or $934 – $1595 per SF
  • The average listing price of Park Grove Tower 2 is $2,95M or $1,218 per SF
    • Ranging from $2,2M to $3.8M or $933 – $1,646 per SF
  • The Average listing price of Park Grove Tower 1 is $4M or $1,350 per SF
    • Ranging from $2.9M to $5.3M or $1,181 – $1,468 per SF

The Winner on Price is: It’s a TIE
The prices per SF for the newer Park Grove are slightly higher on average, but the actual prices are far below the Grove at Grand Bay Project

The Floor Plans

With the lack of columns and with a large amount of moveable drywall, Park Grove gives more flexibility for unit change. With that said Grove at Grand Bay has a wider variety of units including some unusual 2 and 3 bedroom loft units

The winner: It’s a TIE
Park Grove has open floor plans, but Grove at Grand Bay offers a wider variety of floor plans


Park Grove offers 50,000 SF of amenities. The three condos in this project are located within a newly developed waterfront park and offer state of the art amenities like three luxurious pools with private cabanas, a large dining area with a full service kitchen and acclaimed chef, private residents club, curated events and speaking appearances by top leaders in diverse industries, private musical performances by acclaimed artists, private movie screenings and epicurean events, concierge services, a wine cellar / wine lockers for residents and much more.

Grove at Grand Bay offers highly personalized services designed to be the perfect compliment to the opulence of the 95 residences. The condo offers three swimming pools of which two roof top pools, a tennis court, a fitness center and spa, a pet spa, a full-time concierge, butler staff, a library and a private chef onsite.

The winner: Park Grove.
Both condos offer the finest in services and amenities but nothing beats 50,000 SF of amenities in the middle of a Park with views over the bay.

The Land Size and Density Rate

Grove at Grand Bay sits on 3 acres, while Park Grove sits on 5.2 Acres. Park Grove offers 298 units over 3 towers (Tower 3 being the most densely populated and Tower 1 being the most private).  Grove at Grand Bay offers 96 units with 58 units in the North Tower and 38 units in the South Tower.

  • The density rate of units in Park Grove is 1 unit per 760 SF
  • The density rate of units in Grove at Grand Bay is 1 unit per 1,361 SF

Please note that towers 2 and 3 at Park Grove offers 2-4 residences per floor with (semi) private elevators while Tower 3 offers the highest density. Tower 1 and Tower 2 will have the same levels of privacy as the Grove at Grand Bay Project.

The Winner is:
Park Grove for Land Size
Grove at Grand Bay for Density


Conclusions on the best new condo in Coconut Grove

As mentioned before, both condos are of superb quality, perfectly catering to the must affluent and discerning buyers with expansive units and a great range of amenities and services. We were asked to make the difficult task of making a choice and so we did. As we divided this condo comparison into smaller sections it became clear that each condo has its own qualities. Depending on what you are looking for exactly you might prefer one over the other. Whatever is the ‘best’ condo lies in the eyes of the beholder. We can just provide you with the facts on each condo. The only personal opinion I will be sharing is that both projects offer superior quality, finishes and services and belong to the top 10 of Miami luxury condos

The winner in each category:

Architecture: Park Grove
Move in date: Grove at Grand Bay
Finishes: Park Grove
Price: Tie
Floor plans: Tie
Amenities: Park Grove
Land: Park Grove
Density Rate: Grove at Grand Bay

Overall Winner: IT IS A TIE

Whatever is the best condo depends on what you are looking for. Both condos are of superior quality and finishes


Click on the link for more information on Park Grove

I am a top producing Miami real estate agent who has lived and worked for the last 8 years in Coconut Grove. I love talking about Coconut Grove and Coconut Grove real estate and I analyze this market on a daily basis. For any additional questions regarding Coconut Grove real estate, Park Grove or Grove at Grand Bay please contact me at +1.305.508.0899

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